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How to make keepsake jewelry with resin

How to make keepsake jewelry

  If you are wondering how to make keepsake jewelry with resin, then you are going to love this project!  You can capture the thumbprint of a loved one, then use it to recreate resin pendants.  These are amazing gifts for moms and grandmoms.  It is truly a one of a kind piece of jewelry!… Read more »

Silicone mold care – Tips for keeping your resin silicone molds in top shape

silicone mold care

  Using a silicone mold to create your resin jewelry can open up so many possibilities!  Another important part of this is proper silicone mold care.  After you have gone to the trouble of purchasing or making your resin silicone molds, you want to make sure they last.  Caring for your molds isn’t difficult, but… Read more »

Resin mold release – Why I always use it

resin mold release

If you cast resin into resin molds, you might be wondering if you need a resin mold release.  I use one every time — and here’s why: In case something goes wrong The plastics and silicones used for resin mold-making are inherently designed not to stick to resin.  So if the resin isn’t supposed to… Read more »

How to use two part silicone putty to make a mold

two part silicone putty molds

  Originally written April 2015.  Updated April 2020. Don’t tell my kids, but their Legos have once again made it into my latest resin project.  Molding and pouring silicone to make a resin mold isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  For beginners, I recommend two-part silicone mold-making putty as there isn’t need for a… Read more »

Resin mold hacks – How to use silly bandz as resin molds

resin mold hacks

Originally written January 2013.  Updated January 2020. This is one of my favorite resin mold hacks. If you have kids (or know them), at some point you have probably come across the silly bandz bracelets.  They are pieces of silicone in a specific shape that can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet.  In… Read more »

Advice on what resin to use

advice What resin to use? originally published August 2014.  Updated April 2018. An expert's thoughts on choosing a resin and resin supplies Lots of you have asked me what resin to use for resin jewelry and crafts.  Part of the fun of learning resin is experimenting with different items and finding what works for your specific... Read more »

How to use cookie cutters as resin molds

resin charms How to use cookie cutters as resin molds by Kate Ledum A wide variety of things can be used as molds for resin. One of my favourite mold types is the mold I create myself with cookie cutters, rubber texture tiles made for working with clay, and Silly Putty. With these three simple things, you... Read more »

Basic mold making tips

Basic Mold Making Tips

Basic mold making principles When I’m getting ready to make a mold of something, I like to start with the end in mind.  Using two examples, I’m going to walk you through my basic mold making tips why the same molding technique isn’t one size fits all. Before you get started, here are three things… Read more »

Tips for selecting a model for your next mold

happy robot

  Models for Resin Molds I have had a lot of fun exploring different molding options over the last few weeks.  After receiving several emails with molding questions, I thought it might be a good idea to ‘start from the beginning’ when it comes to mold making. When it comes to making a mold, regardless… Read more »