Silicone mold care – Tips for keeping your resin silicone molds in top shape


How to care for silicone moldsUsing a silicone mold to create your resin jewelry can open up so many possibilities!  Another important part of this is proper silicone mold care.  After you have gone to the trouble of purchasing or making your resin silicone molds, you want to make sure they last.  Caring for your molds isn’t difficult, but there are a few things to remember:

1. Store your silicone molds in a single, flat layer. Storing them in a pile may cause them to bend and warp.  Once a silicone mold is warped, it cannot be undone.  Hint:  To create more storage space, use a piece of cardboard on top of a layer of molds to create a new storage layer.  Be sure to evenly distribute the molds on the next layer.

2.  Use a mold release!  Mold releases make it easier to get castings out and prolong the life of your mold.  Here are three reasons why I always use a mold release.

3.  Store your silicone molds cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat can cause the molds to warp or breakdown.

4.  If you’re not going to be using your silicone mold for a while, consider storing a casting in the mold to help ensure it will retain its shape.  Hint:  if it’s an intricate mold and you’re worried about getting the model back into the mold, try pouring warm candle wax into the mold.  It should easily demold later.

5.  Do not pierce holes in your mold. This may cause the mold to lose its shape.

6.  When finished with your silicone mold, wash it with warm water and mild soap before storing it.  Do not use solvents to clean your mold and do not place it in the dishwasher.  Make sure your molds are completely dry before storing them.

7.  Be careful when applying heat to your silicone mold.  You don’t want to warp or burn the mold.  I like to use a heat gun to gently apply heat instead of the flame from a torch or lighter.


What other silicone mold care steps do you like to take?


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29 thoughts on “Silicone mold care – Tips for keeping your resin silicone molds in top shape

  1. Hi im very new to resin but recently purchased a few flower molds just to try it out and i cannot get them to come out without several bubbles around the edges of the pettels. i dont think its a reaction of any kind i am just not pouring it in there right i think as they look like bites taken out of the edge of the pettels. Please help! Any info is appreciated!

    1. Two things you can do: 1. Warm up your mold with a heat gun before pouring the resin. (be careful not to melt your mold — especially if it is plastic) 2. Pour a small amount of resin into the mold and roll it around. This will help to break the surface tension and less likely that these bubbles will occur.

      1. Hi, I have a few molds and after a couple of uses they’ve lost their shine and have gone white. Now when I demold my resin isn’t shiny, how can I fix this?

  2. I just got your clear silicone cone pendant mold and the opening is so small I can’t imagine how I’ll get a cured piece out without cutting the mold. How do I do this? Thanks.

  3. Hi Katherine,
    I’d like to know if you don’t mind sharing what product you use to make your silicone bangle bracelet molds. Thank you

  4. Katherine

    HELP ppplllleeaasee

    Recently purchased a shredder and being of a creative and art background, really liked the recycled cardboard packaging that protected the shredder from damage etc.
    I remembered I had bought some silicone and catalyst and resin to have a go with. My silicone mold came out a treat however before I can create my resin cast I need to remove the thin layer of brown recycled packaging which remains stuck to the silicone even after 24hrs of cold water soaking in our bath lol!

    Have you ANY idea how I could acheive this. I do have imagery should you need to see my DIY silicone mold cast into recycled reformed protective Cardboard packaging

    1. I got alcohol ink on my silicone mold. is there a way to get it off/will it come off on my next resin piece if i dont

  5. Hi katherine
    I have a question, I solved liquid soap in water and I soaked my molds in it for about an hour . after that some white powders appeard in my molds that made my works turbid. Do you now how can I remove that powders without hurting my molds??

  6. Hi, I need help and advice. I got my mold for giant cupcake today, but the top is crushed aside. What can I do to fix it? The seller doesn’t want to replace it. Please help me!

    1. I’m afraid once a silicone mold is crushed like that, it’s almost impossible to get it back to its normal shape without the original template.

  7. Hello.

    I’ve made a bunch a ArtResin coasters. My last batch got a bit stuck… I did follow your tips and I did end up getting the resin out of my silicone mold. After getting them out they did leave a bit of a mark that csng be cleaned out. I think it’s just from them gettjng stuck. I’ve sprayed agent on them twice… as usually. Do you think I would be safe to use them again or should I get new molds?

  8. Hello everybody hope everybody enjoys the New Year be safe out there I am new at this resin and epoxy stuff on the inks with the alcohol and them can I use the white with the alcohol and mix it with the acrylic paint for arts and crafts and still get the same results as you would using all alcohol inks

  9. Hello that was not what I was trying to ask but that is a very good idea what I need to know is can I mix the white alcohol ink with acrylic paint with no alcohol

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