Resin jewelry mistakes – 8 things you can do with them

Things to do with your resin jewelry mistakes


Call it hoarding, but from the beginning, I have always held onto my failed resin projects.  I tried to salvage them if I could, but even if I couldn’t, I just couldn’t bear throwing them in the trash.  I soon learned that having these reject resin castings turned out to be pretty useful from time to time.  Here are a few ideas on what you can do with your failed resin projects attempts:

1.  “Abuse” some.  I try very hard to make sure when I sell jewelry that it’s something people will be able to have for years to come, however, I continue to be amazed by how customers can literally abuse their jewelry pieces.  I will take some of my reject castings and put them in ‘bad’ situations to find out exactly what happens.  What’s a bad situation you ask?  I will hold them underwater, place them in direct sunlight, put them near something hot, etc. just to get an idea of how the pieces react.  I can then know how to advise customers on caring for their resin jewelry purchases.

resin in bottle cap

2.  Use them as practice pieces.  Want to try side drilling some charms to string together as a bracelet but don’t want to risk ruining your good pieces?  Try techniques you’re trying to learn on a few mistake pieces until you get good at what you’re doing.

3.  Use them in a few experiments.  For example, I wanted to know how compatible different brands of resins were with each other.  I had a few projects I had created with epoxy resin from one manufacturer and wanted to know if I could layer it with an epoxy resin from a different manufacturer.  I found out I could, which comes in handy if I have leftover resin that I don’t want to waste.

4.  Turn a few resin jewelry mistakes into samples.  Can’t remember what resin looks like when sanded to different degrees?  You can sand your pieces with different grits of sandpaper and label which ones you used.  You will be able to look at your samples and know where you go with your project.  Love the color you got in a casting but it’s unsuitable to wear because of bubbles?  Write your color formula and tape it to the resin charm so you know how to get it again next time.

5.  Save them for customer samples.  Maybe the bangle bracelet you made has bubbles in it, but it doesn’t mean the customer can’t put it on to get an idea of what wearing the bracelet is like.  These also work great for customers when you maybe worry that they will get dirt and grease all over your jewelry (like at craft festivals that also sell carnival food).  If the sample gets ruined, you aren’t out anything.

bubbles in resin

6.  Show them in your craft fair booth.  People love to see you’re not perfect!  It makes them appreciate that you go to great lengths to make sure you put out a quality product (and that it’s not as easy as it may look).  People love seeing these on your blog posts and social media pages as well.  In case you are wondering, here are the five biggest mistakes beginners make with resin.

7.  Save them for class examples.  My mistakes work great for when I’m teaching classes.  I can show people what can happen without actually having to intentionally mess up a project.

8.  Inspiration and appreciation.  It shows you how far you’ve come and how (hopefully) you have improved.

What else do you do with your resin jewelry mistakes?

Trying to avoid resin jewelry mistakes to begin with?  Uh…of course!  Then you will want to buy your copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  I wrote it for beginners to give you the vital factors in making resin jewelry that will have people saying, ‘Wow, you made that?’

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27 thoughts on “Resin jewelry mistakes – 8 things you can do with them

  1. 1)I have been able to fix some bubble mistakes by using a tiny drill bit and drilling straight thru the bubble blowing out the residue ,wiping it out with a damp q-tip let dry and then using more resin into the fill the hole.sand down when its dry the re-level it if need be. also re-coat outside if need be.

    2)you could also save the piece if the buble is in say the “right” place drill into it a tiny bit and add a rhinestone “diamond”. you can get the tiny ones from the beauty supply shop– the type they use to design artificial nails.

    1. I am super new to working with resin. I want to make my countertops but I am learning on small projects. I poured a flat notebook cover and it had a million bubbles. I took my heat gun to get the bubbles out and it turned it white and cooked it 😭 . It was my first time doing something that big (5 “x 7”) I tried sanding it and it turned all the bubbles white and so when I re-resined it the bubbles stayed white. 😭. Also, I poured some acrylic paint in the center and it bubbled out! 😳. So two experiments epic learning! Soooo now that I found ya’ll I have a justification to keep my failures and learn from them but now I have somewhere to get info when needed! Your awesome!

  2. like the one with the bubble above, you can glue a bead or something like a star or small cross over it as something added, especially if you make it look like it’s on purpose

  3. Pure genius, I love all your ideas. I’m a hoarder with zero tolerance for waste so I usually find a way to use everything! I paint over bubbles and flaws. Also I cover small problems with jewels, fabric, glitter, all sorts. If the defect is in an awkward place, I cover a larger area or balance the effect over the whole piece. I may then have to put on more resin. I wouldn’t just cover anything “dirty”, hair, dust and the like I would dig out/sand out first 🙂

  4. Nina,

    I have never had good luck trying to drill bubbles and refilling with resin. I will have to give it a try your way.

    I like the idea of adding a rhinestone too. No one ever has to know that wasn’t your intent in the first place!

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  10. Do you buy resin as a powder or something? And is there a specific mold that needs to be used? And I’ve heard that people put actual candy in resin, what happens to the candy after a while?

  11. I laughed at the top picture – cat hair is my nemesis! I now have two cats, and it seems like 4 times the loose cat hair! I have tried to keep everything cleaned and swept, but not much luck. The room I have to use for my art projects also has one of the litter boxes, so I can’t close the door.

  12. Thanks for the tips, Kathrine!

    Not to get on your case, but is there any way to get rid of those spam comments? I hate seeing that stuff on a website I really enjoy…
    And it clutters up useful discussion I love so much!

    1. Thanks Lizza for letting us know about the spam. We get so many comments daily that I have to depend on apps and plug ins keep the spam away. Sometimes it doesn’t always work. Thank you for the feedback.

  13. I want to do some coasters, but the price of it all not sure I want to fail with it. Have heard diamond glaze, then people say you can get it wet. So I feel really that is a challenge to practice and I am not into it that much. Wanted to do a one time thing. So guess I will pass.

  14. I made a couple castings out of molds..but they aren’t very hard and are kinda bendy. Will they still be ok long term? They’re just on my shelf as a reminder of my first project.. Or could I maybe put them in another mold and pour a new casing over it and make a new project?

    1. They will likely always be bendy. You can certainly use them as an inclusion for a future project.

  15. I am a complete newbie to resin but have big goals, so I really like the idea of keeping the first few mistakes to show how far I’ve come (someday)! I think that resin is one of those things that take trial and error to perfect and you have to mess a few up to learn proper techniques. I will definitely use these ideas in my resin journey!! Thank you!

  16. I have made quite a few things so far and most have turned out really nice. But I tried to make a paper weight with a rose and some flowers from my brother’s funeral. I added some chunky glitter and most of it went to the bottom (top of the paper weight) and you can’t see the rose. is there anyway to remove the top part and redo, or crack it open to retrieve something from it. I’m heartbroken. But it was my fault, I found out afterwards large glitter tends to sink and I did not know that before. 🙁

    1. Hi Brenda, I’m sorry this happened to you. You can try sanding off the top so you can see the rose again, then recoat with another layer of resin.

    1. HI Debs, thanks for the love! I’ve never mixed UV resin and two-part resin. I don’t know how well it would work.

      1. I have used up resin in my projects and cured it then used two part epoxy as top coat it worked fine. Just wanted to let you know it worked for me. I’m a beginner and just tried it. Lol

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