Make A Resin Bangle That Leaves People Amazed

how to make a resin bangleIt’s Official: you can never go wrong wearing a resin bangle. I can’t think of an easier way to add a pop of color to your favorite outfit. Or you can preserve your favorite flowers to wear.

Here’s the cool thing—you can do both in one bracelet.

And everyone will be asking you what crazy amazing magical powers you have to make this happen.

But, before you get started making this bangle, you should know this is an advanced project. You’ll need resin tools and supplies that you may not already have. Plus, you must be good at working with resin before trying a project like this.

If you’re new to epoxy, here are some beginner resin projects to get started with instead.

Resin supply list:

Resin Obsession super clear resin
Resin Obsession color pigment
Silicone bangle mold
Dried flowers
Jeweler’s saw
Assorted grits of sandpapers

Step 1: Make a colored bracelet

epoxy resin bracelet in mold

Mix the super clear resin, then color with an epoxy pigment you like. Pour it into the mold. Check for bubbles, then let cure.

💡 Pro tip: Overfill rather than underfill your mold with resin. It’s easier to sand resin off rather than fill in a divot.

Step 2: Saw the bracelet in half

sawing a resin bracelet

Use a jeweler’s saw to cut the cured bracelet into two halves.

sawing resin bangle

If you haven’t used a jeweler’s saw before, this video will help you get started.  The big things you need to know are

Saw up and down.
Go slowly.
Wear a dust mask.

💡 Pro tip: Use a large tooth blade. I used a size #2.

bracelet halves

Cut your resin bangle as straight as possible, but don’t stress. You’ll be able to fix any unevenness in the next step.

Step 3: Sand the edges

cut bracelet ends

Finish the edges until they’re smooth. Start with 150 grit sandpaper, then work through finer grit sandpapers. End with a least a 1000 grit paper.

Step 4: Put a part into the original mold

bracelet in mold

Press a bangle half into your resin mold. Squeeze out the air to get as snug a fit as possible.

Step 5: Add flowers and clear resin

adding clear epoxy to mold

Mix more super clear resin and add to the bangle mold. Then, add dried flowers.

resin bangle and flowers

💡 Pro tip: The super clear resin is the perfect choice for your bangle because it won’t get soft and bendy when you wear it.

Check for bubbles, then set it aside to cure.

Step 6: Demold and finish

edge on resin bangle

Making this resin bangle with a perfectly round edge is almost impossible. Unfortunately, that means you’ll need to sand some more.

sanding resin

Start with your coarse papers to round off the edge. Then, continue with finer grit papers until you get the finish you want.

💡 Pro tip: I love using 3M polishing papers for finishing jewelry. The very fine papers give an easy shine to the resin bangle.

Ta-da! You just learned how to make a resin bangle that will amaze everyone.

resin bracelet with flowers

The contrast is so much fun. You could do two resin colors or even cut your bangle into three pieces.

purple resin bangle with flowers

Want to take on more jewelry-making projects?

Then you’ll want to get the ebook, Resin Jewelry Making in Bezels. You’ll get step-by-step instructions for making 15 different projects. It’s great for all skill levels. Buy the book now and get a download link in minutes.

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