FAQ For Resin Beginners

Getting started with resin crafting doesn’t have to be daunting! Once you have the supplies and understand how to use them, the whole world of resin opens up. Here are our most commonly asked questions from beginners.

What to Know Before You Buy

What are the different types of resin, and which one should I buy?

There are several different types of resin, and they’re all useful for different purposes. The main types you’ll see in stores are polyester (also known as fiberglass resin), epoxy, polyurethanes, and silicone.

Read our thorough guide on the different types of resin here as a primer for all your crafts.

Which resin is best for creating epoxy art?

A two-part epoxy resin that is designed for painting artwork will give you the best results. Resins that are designed for artwork are self-leveling, which will give you a smooth finish. They mix clear so you can see what you’re doing, and they also have a longer working time so you won’t feel rushed.

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What is the best resin for jewelry?

Beginner resin jewelry makers should start with an epoxy resin. They are the easiest to measure and mix and great results.

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What are the tools and supplies I need to get started?

The very basic tools you’ll need vary on the craft you’re making. In general, you’ll need mixing supplies, findings, molds, colors, and the resin itself. We’ve written an entire guide about everything you need to start making resin jewelry, so you can check that out for more in-depth details.

Using Resin

Do I need protective equipment for resin?

It’s very important to note that some resin can have a noxious smell that can harm you without a well-ventilated room and protective equipment. Make sure you have the essential equipment and you follow the safety instructions before you get started!

Also, make sure your surfaces and clothing are protected and/or able to be ruined. Resin is designed to harden and last, after all, and you don’t want to ruin your furniture.

How long does resin take to harden?

It depends on the resin. All resins have different pot times (amount of time you have to work with the resin before it starts to cure), demolding times (the amount of time after which you can remove the cured resin from its mold), and cure times (the amount of time it takes to cure, or harden). Read more here.

How do I color my resin?

You can color resin either by powdered or liquid dyes. Simply mix these pigments with the resin before it starts to cure. Browse our colors here.