Why does my epoxy have dimples? 5 Reasons

The last time you left your resin, you were stoked.  You spent hours creating a masterpiece, then waited for what seemed like an eternity.  Now, you uncover your art only to find that the surface is uneven.  You see pits and voids and ask yourself, why does my epoxy have dimples? Yeah, that’s pretty aggravating. […]

8 Reasons Why My Resin Is Sticky

You buy resin, mix the two parts together, then use it for your project. But, you come back later to find it’s not fully cured, but instead a sticky mess.  Now you find yourself asking why is my resin sticky? There eight reasons why this could have happened. And the good news is that there […]

Five Things You Should Never Set In Resin

Adding trinkets to resin is an easy way to make your resin crafts special. One of my favorites is adding a child’s drawing to jewelry. And then there was the time I added watch gears to resin dominoes. And who doesn’t love adding stickers to resin to make Kawaii resin charms. Your possibilities are endless. […]

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