Here’s The EASY Way To Make A Shell Trinket Dish

It would be a pretty good story if I told you that I got the idea for making a shell trinket dish after a glorious vacation. πŸ– To a white sand beach. 🌊 With blue waters. πŸ•Ά Plus a gentle, salty breeze. 🍹 And a fruity drink with a paper umbrella. But I didn’t get […]

DIY A Scarf Pin Like A Boss With Epoxy Resin

With Spring fast approaching, or at least that’s what I’m being told, I feel we need something that reminds us of Spring! When I think of Spring, I think of pastels and whimsical things, so what better than a giant watercolor button that makes a great DIY scarf pin. Resin supply list: –Large button reusable […]

How To Step Up Your DIY Butterfly Earrings

Nature and jewelry go together like Gun and Roses. And I’m guessing you’re here because you want to learn how to put nature and jewelry together too. But what if you want to make that jewelry with butterfly wings? That means you need to spend a few hours collecting butterflies. But then, there’s the nagging […]

The A to Z of Making Geode Resin Coasters

If you’ve been wondering how to make geode resin coasters, then you are going to like love this.Β  I’m going to show you, not one, BUT TWO ways to make the epoxy resin coasters everyone is excited aboutΒ  And the best part is that they make great gifts.Β  Whether you need something for a man […]

How To Make Amber Using Epoxy Resin

Did you know natural amber is fossilized tree resin? It came from resin that oozed from tree bark millions of years ago. Wearing amber as jewelry dates back centuries. It’s the original vintage find. Here’s the cool thing. You don’t need to wait millions of years for amber for jewelry. Here’s how to make amber […]

Use Stickers In Resin 100% Better With These Strategies

Who’s ready for a beginner resin project? Then you’re in the right place.Β  I’m going to show you how to use stickers in resin. And you’ll totally rock this project, even if you’re new to resin crafts. Let’s start with why using stickers in resin is pretty cool. 1. You can buy or make tons […]


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