How to Make: UV Resin Earrings

Hello, Crafty Creatures and DIY Divas! Get ready to embark on yet another adventure that will leave you bedazzled? Today, we’re diving headfirst into the sparkly world of UV resin earrings. That’s right – it’s time to create some ear candy that will turn heads and drop jaws. Let’s put on our crafting caps (they’re […]

How to Make an Epoxy Resin Tumbler

Hello, Crafty Sippers and DIY Divas! Are you ready to transform your ordinary tumbler into a dazzling, personalized epoxy resin tumbler? This resin project is easy and perfect for those who want to customize their drinkware. Perfect for those warm beach days or those cool October nights. Use any insulated tumbler that you love and […]

How to Make a UV Resin Phone Case

Hello, Techy Crafters and DIY Divas! Ready to take your phone from drab to fab with a DIY project that’s as much fun as a confetti cannon at a birthday party? Today, we’re diving into the dazzling world of UV resin to create your very own custom uv resin phone case. Let’s turn that boring […]

Mimic the Look of Stone with HydroCast

What is HydroCast? HydroCast is a 3:1 mix ratio epoxy that provides a sustainable alternative to traditional resins. This mineral-based material effortlessly mimics stone’s appearance, composed of a casting compound and acrylic hardener for simplicity and sustainability combined. Why should I use HydroCast? It is more robust and less prone to yellowing compared to resin. […]

How to Create a Patriotic Resin Cutting Board

Hello, Crafty Patriots! Ready to combine your love for DIY projects and patriotic pride into one epic craft? Today, we’re upping our game using resin lacing—a technique that’ll have your creations looking as spectacular as a Fourth of July fireworks display. Grab your red, white, and blue supplies, because we’re about to get star-spangled crafty! […]

DIY Pressed Flower UV Resin Pendant

Hey there, Blossom Buddies and Crafty Crew! Have you ever wished you could capture the fleeting beauty of a blooming garden and wear it around your neck in a UV resin pendant? Well, your floral fantasies are about to become reality! Kelly Johnson, resin artist extraordinaire, is sharing a tutorial for this stunner! What You’ll […]

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