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DIY scarf pin – make a scarf pin with resin

DIY scarf pin How to make a scarf pin by Jasmine Moore -Large button reusable silicone mold -Resin (I used Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin and Easy Cast) -White opaque pigment -Glitter (optional) -Alcohol markers -Rubbing Alcohol -Mold Release -Mixing Utensils With Spring fast approaching, or at least that's what I'm being told, I feel we need something... Read more »

How to make keepsake jewelry with resin

How to make keepsake jewelry

  If you are wondering how to make keepsake jewelry with resin, then you are going to love this project!  You can capture the thumbprint of a loved one, then use it to recreate resin pendants.  These are amazing gifts for moms and grandmoms.  It is truly a one of a kind piece of jewelry!… Read more »

Silicone mold care – Tips for keeping your resin silicone molds in top shape

silicone mold care

  Using a silicone mold to create your resin jewelry can open up so many possibilities!  Another important part of this is proper silicone mold care.  After you have gone to the trouble of purchasing or making your resin silicone molds, you want to make sure they last.  Caring for your molds isn’t difficult, but… Read more »

Resin mold release – Why I always use it

resin mold release

If you cast resin into resin molds, you might be wondering if you need a resin mold release.  I use one every time — and here’s why: In case something goes wrong The plastics and silicones used for resin mold-making are inherently designed not to stick to resin.  So if the resin isn’t supposed to… Read more »

Silicone mold resin casting tips – using resin in silicone molds

silicone mold resin casting tips Five silicone mold casting tips Casting resin for jewelry and crafts can be a little intimidating, especially if you are a resin beginner.  Recently, I asked Tania of House of Molds to share some of her best silicone mold resin casting tips to help crafters and jewelry makers get amazing results with silicone molds. 1.... Read more »

Resin bookmark – make your own bookmark with resin

resin bookmark

by Penny Reid Dying to have some fun this Halloween? Well, this tutorial should lift your spirits! I am going to show you how to make a boo-tiful bookmark with four simple things: resin, paper, string, and charms.     Supplies needed: Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin Resin Bookmark Mold Embossing gun (or other heating… Read more »

How to use two part silicone putty to make a mold

two part silicone putty molds

  Originally written April 2015.  Updated April 2020. Don’t tell my kids, but their Legos have once again made it into my latest resin project.  Molding and pouring silicone to make a resin mold isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  For beginners, I recommend two-part silicone mold-making putty as there isn’t need for a… Read more »

How to make resin crystals

How to make resin crystals by Cat Kerr Originally written June 2017.  Updated August 2019. The only issue I had with making these easy Faux Crystal Pendants....was choosing what color of transparent pigment to use!! Resin Materials List: • Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin • Resin Obsession Transparent Pigment • Crystal Mold • Square Bead Mold • Wax Paper • Brass... Read more »