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Silicone mold resin casting tips – using resin in silicone molds

silicone mold resin casting tips Five silicone mold casting tips Casting resin for jewelry and crafts can be a little intimidating, especially if you are a resin beginner.  Recently, I asked Tania of House of Molds to share some of her best silicone mold resin casting tips to help crafters and jewelry makers get amazing results with silicone molds. 1.... Read more »

How to use two part silicone putty to make a mold

two part silicone putty molds

  Originally written April 2015.  Updated April 2020. Don’t tell my kids, but their Legos have once again made it into my latest resin project.  Molding and pouring silicone to make a resin mold isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  For beginners, I recommend two-part silicone mold-making putty as there isn’t need for a… Read more »

Resin sticks to silicone – Why does my resin stick to silicone?

resin sticks to silicone

Using resin in a silicone mold is a fun way to make resin crafts and jewelry. Until it isn’t. Sometimes resin sticks to silicone and will not release. Why does resin stick to silicone? Here’s how this can happen:   Your silicone mold is at the end of its useful life. Unfortunately, silicone molds don’t… Read more »

Plastic resin molds and silicone resin molds — what’s the difference?

plastic mold silicone mold

Should I use plastic resin molds or silicone resin molds for my resin jewelry and crafts? Originally published March 2013.  Updated August 2018. Knowing the difference between plastic and silicone resin molds is important to getting the results you want.  Both types of molds can work with a variety of resins, but knowing the limitations of… Read more »

Casting resin in a soap mold

casting resin in a soap mold Casting resin in a soap mold I get lots of questions about using molds, not designed for resin, including casting resin in a soap mold.  Sometimes non-traditional molds work, sometimes they don't.  In cleaning up my studio this week, I found a plastic soap mold.  It was at that point that I thought to myself, "How... Read more »

Molding a resin bracelet

pour resin into mold Molding a resin bracelet Last week, I tried molding a resin curb link bracelet I found in the bargain bin at a local craft store.  The results from that experiment showed that molding the links horizontally wasn't going to work.  I decided to try again this week, but with the curb links in a vertical... Read more »

Casting resin in non traditional plastic molds

resin star wars casting

Casting resin in non-traditional plastic molds As a part of my year of doing resin experiments, I took on the task this week to see whether or not I could cast resin in a gelatin mold.  Even I was surprised at the results! A couple of key points in the video: 1.   You must… Read more »