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How to get ready for a craft fair

Your three-month Timeline to Prepare for a Craft Show by Erin Mooney When I started participating in craft shows, I had a bad habit of underestimating how to get ready for a craft fair -- how much work was involved and how long it would take to complete it. It resulted in a mad scramble a... Read more »

Increase holiday jewelry sales

3 TIPS TO INCREASE HOLIDAY JEWELRY SALES a guest post by Erin Mooney November and December are the busiest shopping months of the year and for a lot of handmade vendors, a time to bring in enough revenue to get through the slower months. Take advantage of the busy season and use the following 3… Read more »

Ten of my favorite business tools

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Ten of my favorite business tools for productivity I’m going to let you in on a little secret….  the business of Resin Obsession takes more than knowing about the resin.  AACK!  Sometimes, the resin is the easy part.  It can be hard to get everything done (especially when you have a studio kitty that demands… Read more »

10 out of the ordinary places to sell your handmade jewelry


Ten unusual places to sell your handmade jewelry If you’re going to venture into selling your handmade jewelry, there are many places for you to consider.  While selling online is an easy and inexpensive way to get started, there is a lot of competition.  Go to a site like Etsy or Artfire and search for… Read more »

10 Cheap ways to promote your art jewelry business


Looking for inexpensive or free ways to market and advertise your resin jewelry?  Here’s a few suggestions: 1.  Wear it!  No one will wear it with more pride and joy than you will and that will shine through.  When people ask you “where did you get those earrings?”, you can respond with the best answer… Read more »

15 things to include in a jewelry consignment agreement

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Things to consider before allowing a store to sell your jewelry on consignment   So you think you want to sell your resin jewelry?  There are lots of online and offline venues to consider.  At some point, you have probably thought about trying to get stores and boutiques to sell your resin jewelry.  Have you… Read more »