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Resin and alcohol inks – resin and alcohol ink jewelry

How to create uniquely patterned pendants by using resin and alcohol inks Originally written May 2017.  Updated February 2020. Resin colors can be used for more than simply coloring the resin.  If you use alcohol-based colors, you can use them to create unique patterns in the resin.  This is one of my favorite ways to... Read more »

Bracelet making – Ink swirl resin bracelet tutorial

bracelet making

  Originally written November 2013.  Updated February 2020. When it comes to making things with resin, bracelet making is one of my favorite projects.  I love being able to see a piece of resin jewelry while I’m wearing it. Resin supplies needed for this project: Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin Castin’ Craft Mold release… Read more »

Alcohol ink crafts – 5 super cool and colorful ideas

Alcohol ink crafts are all the rage now and it’s no wonder why.  Resin and alcohol ink can be used together in so many ways.  If you are looking for some alcohol ink crafting ideas, here are five alcohol ink art projects that you can make this weekend, even if you are a beginner! Alcohol… Read more »

Ink drop resin washer pendants tutorial – easy beginner project

washer pendants tutorial

How to make an ink drop washer pendant with a resin glaze Originally published January 2014.  Updated March 2019. I love alcohol ink.  It’s great to give transparent color to resin and this week, I wanted to see what else it could do.  This project ended up being so easy.  This washer pendants tutorial would… Read more »

Make a rainbow swirl resin bracelet – resin bracelet DIY

rainbow resin bracelet tutorial

Originally published February 2013.  Updated June 2018. Learn how to use alcohol based colors to add some interesting designs to your resin bracelet castings! Adding alcohol inks to clear epoxy resin is an easy way to get beautiful jewel tone colors.  Add more than one color and you can get a rainbow of colors in… Read more »