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Resin buying guide – your guide to selecting a resin

resin buying guide When it comes to buying resin, there are so many choices!  How do you know which resin is right for you?  There is no one size fits all resin!  What may work for one project may be unsuitable for the next. If you are new to resin and want someone to guide you buying the... Read more »

What kind of resin should I use? – Choosing a resin

choosing a resin Originally published March 2013.  Updated May 2020. If you are asking yourself 'What kind of resin should I use?', you have come to the right place. This is one of the most common questions I get asked about art, jewelry and crafts.  There is no 'one size fits all' resin, and there are MANY things... Read more »

What is the fastest way to cure epoxy resin? – Speed up resin curing

How can I cure epoxy resin faster

How can I cure epoxy resin faster? Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to speed up the cure time for your epoxy resin. Cure times for epoxy resin vary. Here are some suggestions on the fastest way to cure epoxy. Before we get into that though, let me take a… Read more »