Epoxy resin casting – beginner’s guide to resin casting

Beginner's guide to epoxy resin casting

So you’ve seen a few cool pictures on social media where someone has made something beautiful by casting with epoxy resin. Now, you’ve decided to give it a try, but there is so much information out there. How can you possibly sort through it all?

It’s okay. I’ve been there too. It can be confusing to know what to do! Let me walk you through the steps on epoxy resin casting so you can feel confident in getting started.

What is epoxy resin casting?

There are three terms in that question that we need to talk about:

First: Epoxy

Epoxy is a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. It is one of the most widely available resins. I also find it’s the easiest to use, especially for beginners. It has a long pot time and mixes easily.

Second: Resin

Resin is a common term defining a class of organic substances that may be natural or synthetic, thermoplastic or thermosetting. You use it with hardeners to form a semi-solid to a solid substance.

Third: Casting

This is a unique resin formula that mixes in a thin consistency to allow bubbles to escape quickly. Once mixed, you can pour it into something with ‘sides’ like a mold, open wood spaces, or something similar.

When should you use epoxy casting resin?

Casting resins are excellent for the times when you need to fill an open space deeper than 1/8 inch. You can pour the resin in thick layers (sometimes up to 2 inches depending on the formula), and they cure hard and stable. Epoxy casting resin is great for mold projects and river tables.

Which epoxy casting resin should I use?

For projects where I need three ounces or less (total) of mixed resin, I use the Resin Obsession super clear resin. It cures hard and clear and is ready to demold in about 8 to 12 hours.

For resin mold projects where I want to pour more than 3 ounces at once, I use the Resin Obsession deep pour epoxy resin.  It works great in thick pour resin projects like river tables and deep molds.  You can mix up to three gallons and pour up to two inches thick at once.

Can you color epoxy resin for casting?

I can’t say enough of a big YES here! Of course, you can keep your resin clear, but coloring resin is one of the things that makes epoxy casting resin so awesome.

To color resin, here are a few steps you need to take.

Step 1: Choose your resin color

silicone molds for resin
You will get the best results coloring your epoxy casting resin if you use colors designed explicitly for resin. These are designed to leave curing unaffected, keep their color, and color the resin evenly.

Step 2: Add your color


candy cane silicone mold

Add a small amount of color (less than you think you will need), then stir. Of course, you can always add more, but it’s hard to take it out if your color ends up being too dark.

Step 3: Use the resin

pouring colored resin into a silicone mold

Pour your colored epoxy into the casting space of your choice.

What’s the easiest way to use epoxy casting resin?


silicone molds filled with resin

When it comes to the easiest way to use epoxy, silicone molds for resin are the perfect way to get started. Even resin beginners can make something amazing with resin molds!

How do you mix epoxy casting resin?

Casting resins mix just like other resin formulas in terms of technique. You want to measure accurately and mix thoroughly. You will also want to know how much of Part A and B to mix together (mix ratio), pot time (amount of time to work with it once it’s mixed), and cure time (how long it takes to harden).

Tip: If you buy your resin at Resin Obsession, we have that information for you in our resin buying guide.

I won’t go into all the details here, but we have a step-by-step guide on how to mix resin if you want extra help.

What else will I need besides resin?

You will need mixing cups and utensils, safety supplies, and other items specific to your project. I’ve got a beginner resin supply checklist you can download to have handy as you’re gathering your things.

What can you make with epoxy casting resin?

I’m so glad you asked! Here are a few projects to get you started.

Resin coasters

Resin coaster with bumper pads

The hardest part about this project is deciding if resin coasters are more fun to make or more fun to gift!  Either way, you’re going to love what you can make with resin coaster molds.

How to make resin coasters

Resin keychains

resin paw print keychain charms

Calling all animal lovers.  Here’s your next resin project!  Pour resin into a mold, then add keychain hardware.  Not only does this resin key chain fit nicely in the palm of your hand, but it’s easy to find in a purse or backpack.

How to make a resin keychain

Resin jewelry


purple resin and wood pendant

Looking for a way to turn nature into wearable jewelry?  Resin can be your secret weapon!  Learn how to combine wood scraps with resin to turn into wearable pendants and earrings.

How to make wood and resin jewelry

Looking for more help with epoxy resin casting?

It’s why I wrote the book, Resin Fundamentals.  For less than the cost of a resin kit, you can buy the book where I share the essential details I’ve learned in fifteen years of creating with resin.  You can download it now and read it this afternoon!


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