drinking glasses sticking to resin coasters

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Katie:

    I made resin coasters and glasses tend to stick to the coasters when condensation is high. They turned out great as far as being really clear to show the photos underneath. However- what can be done to prevent glasses from sticking- no one wants to use them at this point.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Katie,

    Is the resin fully cured? When the coasters are dry and don’t have a glass on them, do they feel sticky? Are people only putting cold glasses on them or are they using them for hot drinks as well?

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    Sorry for the delay in responding. The coasters are not sticky and are fully cured. It only appears to happen with cold glasses. The issue being when it has happens the coaster sticks to the glass then has dropped off or flown off when lifting up the glass. I love the look of them and would love to make more but no one likes the glasses sticking to the surface.

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    Katherine Swift

    HI Katie,

    Since the resin is fully cured, it sounds like its a moisture condensation thing, not a resin thing. This discussion on Quora explains the physics of it:


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