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where to take resin classes

If you are looking for a way to take resin classes, this is it!

Why take resin classes?

The question should be, why not take resin classes?!

Creating with resin is something that you can have fun with right away. Complete newbies can create something amazing they can wear or use in only a couple of days. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon!

You don’t have to invest a lot to get started creating with resin. The essential supplies are something you can get for under $100 and have some fun with. After trying it a few times, you can invest in more supplies and equipment. (That’s when you know you have a resin obsession!)

Don’t want to travel away from home? Now you don’t have to. With our online resin classes, you can learn resin crafting skills all from the comfort of your home!


Who are resin classes for?

Resin classes are lots of fun but meant for adults. These classes are not suitable for children. Resin kits and other items to make resin crafts contain chemicals that kids aren’t always mindful of using. It’s important that when using resin, you are aware of resin safety and be careful what you touch.


So now that you’re ready to take a class, let’s get you started!

Our online, on-demand, resin jewelry making class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn resin jewelry making with two-part epoxy resin. Whether you are completely new to resin or have tried resin and been unhappy with the results, this class will get you to resin pro status!

The four-hour class has five modules, plus a bonus module, which will get you from confused to confident when making resin jewelry. Learn the basics like:

  • *How to mix resin so it cures perfectly every time
  • *The resin supplies that you must have to get started, plus the supplies you can hold off on purchasing until later
  • *Learn the details of using resin in plastic or silicone molds so that you can know which is better for what you want to make
  • *Our BEST EVER resin troubleshooting guide for the time things don’t go exactly as expected
  • *Eight different projects that you can make in a weekend, with step-by-step instructions
  • *Class transcripts that you can print and use to follow along
  • *Printable handouts and worksheets to keep you organized and focused as you go through class
  • *Progress quizzes to make sure you understand the material before moving forward.  Don’t worry, they aren’t graded 😉
  • *Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect and learn with your classmates
  • *Get all of this PLUS lifetime access, including future class updates!

How do you get started with this online resin jewelry making class?

Enroll now at or buy class here:


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