Domino resin pendant tutorial

How to make a domino resin pendant

Recycle a beloved childhood game into your next favorite piece of jewelry!

resin jewelry making supplies

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Use the non ‘dot’ side for your future jewelry surface.  Sand the side down to even it out if necessary.  (This pendant had a dragon carving on the other side.  I sanded it off enough to make it flat for the paper.)

Hint:  While it may be tempting to try to cover up the dots on the domino, the paper will push down into the indentations and will give your finished pendant a ‘punched’ look.  Besides, it’s fun to be able to prove you really made this from a domino!


glue papers

Seal your paper on both sides with the Mod Podge or other sealant glue.  Allow to dry for several hours or overnight.


Once your paper has dried, you can prepare it for the domino.  Apply a thick layer of glue to the flat side of your domino.

glue domino to paper

Place the glue applied side of the domino to the back of your paper.  Allow to dry for several hours.

trimming paper

Once your glue has dried, trim the edge with an exacto knife.  Get as close as you can to the edge without cutting the piece.  Hint:  If you don’t have an exacto knife, scissors are a good alternative.

seal papers

Apply a second layer of glue to your paper including the edge.  Gluing the edge will keep your paper from soaking up water marks.

doming resin

Mix the resin according to label directions using your cups and stir stix. Hint:  For a pendant this size, you will probably need a total of 2 cc of total resin.

Place the resin onto the pendant, a few drops at a time, until you get the desired dome.  Use a toothpick to draw the resin to the edge.  Hint:  When using the doming technique, add a little bit of resin, then let it spread.  This will (hopefully!) keep you from adding too much and it running over the edge.

Allow the resin to fully cure before applying the bail.


applying e6000

Apply a small dot of e6000 glue to the bail and pendant side that will be joined together.

Allow the glue to sit for 2 to 3 minutes before pressing both surfaces together.

glue on bail

Press the two glue surfaces together.  Remove any extra glue with a fingernail or other small scraper.  Allow the e6000 to cure for at least 24 hours before use.  Hint:  Once the e6000 has cured, you can trim away any extra with an exacto knife.



domino pendant tutorial with resin

Enjoy your new resin pendant!

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Thanks for the nice tutorial! I’ve seen these for sale on Etsy and elsewhere, and it’s nice to see I can pretty easily make my own. I’ll definitely give it a try!


I bought Amazing casting resin to start my domino and tile jewelry-but I am concerned this is not the right kind because the pics on back show molds coming out solid white? I do have Diamond glaze but was told this wouldn’t harden correctly? Advice please?

Katherine Swift

@Chloe, to make domino pendants like what is shown above, you will need a doming epoxy resin. There is a link above (in the materials list) to the Easy Cast Castin’ Craft epoxy resin that I used.

Gigi Wagner Beatty

You answered so many questions…even question I didn’t know I had! Endless thanks!

Katherine Swift

Hi Rozellia, dominoes are usually 1 inch wide by 2 inches long. You can purchase them at any store that sells toys.

Rozellia Matthews

Thanks. I have 1×2 dominoes , but the 1×2 digital images are a bit too small, any suggestions

Katherine Swift

Why not try putting a rim of glitter glue around the edge of your image to bring it to the edge?


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