How to make a photo Christmas ornament with resin

How to make a photo Christmas ornamentby Jasmine Moore

Hello everyone!  I love making a photo Christmas ornament for my Christmas tree.  It’s my favorite thing to do, and I try to make one a project every year. This time, I thought I would try something that can be a little bit more personal.  You can do that by including your favorite people or things be a part of the project.

For this project, I’m using a clear ornament that splits in half.  The middle has a clear plastic disc to put photos on. That’s where we will be placing the kitties, and then resin behind them.

cat picture




Step 1:  Choose your photos

Pick out some photos you want to use in the ornament. I didn’t have any I wanted to use, so I got some tiny photos of cats, which are one of my favorite things! After you have an idea of how you want your ornament to look, cut them out. A craft knife would be best for this, but be careful since they are super sharp. Once they are cut out, practice arranging your pieces to see if they all fit in the ornament. Once you have your design settled, glue them in.! Make sure to use only a very little amount of glue, as it’s only being used to hold the photo in place.

ornament with glitter and resin

Step 2:  Add the resin

I won’t go into the resin mixing, but if you have never done it before, this article explains how to mix resin in five easy steps.

Since this isn’t a project where you are filling in a mold, but more of doing a coating, a doming resin will work just fine.  I used 10mL for this photo Christmas ornament — just to cover the back.  You can always check how much resin you need by using this resin calculator.

Once it’s thoroughly mixed, it’s time to add the glitter! Before you pour it on, make sure your ornament is stabilized, that way it isn’t rolling all over before, during, or after the pour. Put it on a piece of sticky tape or use a mold with a round cavity to keep it steady.

I mixed the glitter, then poured it on top, though there were some gaps under the kitties that weren’t entirely sealed.  Next time, I would pour the resin, then sprinkle glitter on top to avoid that from happening.


plastic ornament DIY

Step 3:  Paint the other ornament half

After pouring resin and glitter behind the kitties, I painted the other side of the ornament with black acrylic paint.  If your ornament has a clear backing like mine, I highly encourage you to fill the back with something, either more glitter or paint like mine, as it helps the front stand out more.

photo Christmas ornamentStep 4:  Hang your finished ornament

After both sides were done, I brought them together.  Pop that ornament on the tree, or wrap it up as a gift for a loved one! Even with the resin coating, it’s not too heavy for the tree branches, so it can be put on the family tree, or displayed on an ornament hanger. Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!

What would you include in your resin photo Christmas ornament?

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