Led Lamp for UV Resin ?

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      Hi, i’m new with resin and all this stuff about crafting. I checked how to make specifies jewelry using UV Resin, and I was wondering if I can use a LED Lamp to cure the UV Resin.

      However, i see the price of the UV Resin and see that it was quite expensive, it will be my first time doing this kind of thing so I don’t know if I will be doing jewelry often; I wanted to know advice on what Lamp to buy, based on the quality/price (i have a limited budget; I find on Amazon a LED Lamp for only 12€ it will be amazing if that works with UV Resin).

      I also have a lot of question like:
      -What can I use to color my clear Resin ? Makeup Powder ? Ink ? Or do I need to buy colored resin ?
      -Can I mix UV Resin Hard with any colored resin ?

      Thanks you for your attention

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      You can buy a small uv light to cure it. I’ve been working with this lately. Can the light you buy and make sure it has a longer timer. The small ones for nails stay on two minutes. I find you need one that goes 6 minutes or 10 minutes. Or buy a good uv lightbulb for a small lamp. After the piece is finished put under light for ten minutes. If you’re making a thick layered piece, cure each layer. I made a dome Galaxy yesterday. I poured clear into the mold and cured ten minutes with light. Then I poured next layer and cured that. When done I cured the entire piece twice. But don’t in old it for 24 hours! Learned that he hard way. Aldo there are lots of brands. Some don’t dry as well or hard or they remain sticky. Try a few different ones. If your piece is not shiny, use a brush and brush on a top cost of the resin and cure it. Also you can use that resin like glue. Put a dot onto a piece you’ve made then stick on a ring blank or bezel pendant and cure to dry. Hope that helps.

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      Hi everyone, I’m researching UV resin to use to add to the beach jewellery I make and so glad to find this forum! I live on a boat and am currently in Greece and can only get a DecorRom resin – the one with a a pale pink box and pic of a water drop half-filled with blue on the box. I have a couple of questions if that’s okay?

      1. Has anyone used this particular resin and if so, what’s been your experience with it? Is it tacky or oily to the touch?
      2. As I have limited power on the boat I can’t use a UV nail lamp as I haven’t found one that takes batteries. Can I use a UV LED torch to assist curing it? If so, how many LEDs are best? Some people recommend 9 watts or above, but a lot of LED torches only give info on the number of LEDs. It’s getting a bit confusing!

      Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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