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Resin coloring experiments – trying new resin colors

resin coloring experiments

I hate wasting resin.  I realize a little bit leftover isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of what I have to get done every day, but I hate it nonetheless.  There’s just something about throwing away resin that I worked so hard to measure, mix, and get bubble-free that seems so … well… Read more »

Handmade resin earrings – make your own earrings

Originally written October 2015.  Updated February 2020. Can you be in love with a resin color?  I think the answer is YES!  Every day, I have a new favorite of the Resin Obsession liquid pigments.  On the days I can't decide which is my favorite, I use two as in the case of making these... Read more »

DIY Ombre resin charms – How to make resin charms

resin charms Originally written October 2015.  Updated January 2020. After being a smidge disappointed with my bi-color resin earrings tutorial results from a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to try making ombre resin charms again with a couple of technique adjustments.  This time, I wanted to get the ombre effect in the resin from the center... Read more »

Resin Obsession color pigments FAQ

resin colorants Resin Obsession color pigments frequently asked questions Why do I have to mix this into the Part A resin before adding the Part B hardener? The Resin Obsession colorants contain epoxy resin. This epoxy requires additional hardener in order to cure properly. By adding the color to the resin first, and keeping track of your... Read more »

Using Pearl Ex with Resin

Mix Pearl Ex into resin Using Pearl Ex with Resin Two Ways by Kate "Rijacki" Ledum Pearl Ex is a versatile colourant for resin. It can be used in a few different ways to add colour and sparkle to your resin project. This tutorial focuses on two of those. Pearl Ex by Jacquard is a powdered pigment with a touch... Read more »

Transparent resin colors

transparent colors in resin Transparent resin colors Moving along with the resin experiments.... This week, I colored Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin with Castin' Craft transparent dyes.  It has been awhile since I had worked with these colors.  I had forgotten how thin the consistency of the colors were (much like using alcohol ink).  Note:  Like when casting the... Read more »

Coloring resin

colored resin in mixing cups Coloring resin I resumed the coloring resin experiments this week.  For this block, I started working with the Alumilite colorants and the Resin Obsession super clear resin.  I mixed a smidge over 1 ounce of the super clear resin (25 cc Part A and 12.5 cc Part B to be exact), then divided the resin... Read more »