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Open backed pendant tutorial

open backed pendant tutorial {Not!} pressed flower open backed bezel pendants tutorial Open backed pendant tutorial by Penny Reid Not being one to fuss with drying flowers, combined with being a bit lazy, I wanted to try to get the look of a small delicate flower in a resin pendant using a different method and new technique. I found... Read more »

How to use resin in open bezels

open backed bezel tutorial with resin How to use resin in open bezels by Penny Reid These pendants require a few extra steps then your average pendant but these bezels are beautiful inside and out and by doing several pours over the course of a few days -- using clear resin -- you can take full advantage of the depth of... Read more »

DIY Crown Ring

DIY crown ring

How to make a crown ring using epoxy jewelry clay I love working with resin, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough.  While I can use a doming resin to get a peak on my resin castings, sometimes I want a really tall peak to be a part of my design. Case in point, I love… Read more »