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How to store resin – keep resin usable

resin storage

Making sure your resin is stored properly will ensure a long happy life for your resin.  Here are a few suggestions on how keep your resin in its best shape for as long as possible. Resin storage 1.  Store upright in its original containers. Resin is sold in containers that are compatible with it and… Read more »

Make your own resin crafting trays

resin crafts

While working with resin is fun, it can be a bit inconvenient waiting on your projects to cure.  Did you know you can use styrofoam boards and wax paper to make your own resin jewelry making craft surfaces? I like to save flat styrofoam (actually hoard them like a squirrel and her nuts) and use… Read more »

How to make more time for yourself to do resin craft projects


Reclaim time for yourself, your resin jewelry, and your resin craft ideas. Ever notice how when time gets tight, the things we love are the first to go?  I was recently inspired by the non profit website Cre8time.org, whose mission it is to help people find 8 hours a month to get in the crafting… Read more »

The Jewelry Making books in the Resin Obsession studio


I’ve decided we all have something we hoard.  I just try to hoard stuff that’s worthwhile (at least to me anyway).  In looking at my bookcase this week, I decided I am a jewelry book hoarder.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE buying jewelry books.  Designing jewelry.  Making jewelry.  Fixing jewelry.  History of jewelry.  and on and… Read more »

Tips for organizing your resin craft studio


If you’re like me, you might have on your New Year’s ‘to do’ list to organize and clean up your resin crafting room and areas.  I try to keep everything under wraps as best as I can, but things still have a way of getting away from me.  Here’s a few of my tips that… Read more »