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What’s better than resin jewelry making, resin art, and resin crafting supplies?  How about earning points towards a Resin Obsession promo code for buying more resin jewelry making, resin art and resin craft supplies!  Earn points shopping with Resin Obsession that you can use towards a future purchase.

How do I join the Resin Obsession rewards program?

Here’s how easy it is:

STEP 1.  Create an account with Resin Obsession.

Create a Resin Obsession store account and you earn your first 25 points.  (and if you are worried about what we do with your information, please know we take your privacy very seriously.  You can read our privacy policy here.)

STEP 2.  Shop to earn more points.

Earn 1 point for every dollar spent, excluding shipping charges, taxes, and other coupon and/or discount codes, on purchases made at

STEP 3.  Earn bonus points.

*Earn 25 points for each of these social networks that you follow us on:  Facebook and Instagram

*Earn 25 points on your birthday.  (We promise we won’t share how old you are.)

*Earn 25 points for sharing Resin Obsession information on Facebook.

*Earn 50 points for reviewing products you purchase at  **Limit 1 different item review per twenty-four hour period for earning points.**

*Earn 100 points when you get your friends and family to shop with us using your personal referral link.  And they even get a discount on their first purchase!

How do you spend your points?

Use your points for coupon codes on future purchases.  Earn a coupon code for as few as 100 points and there is no limit to how many points you can earn.

100 points = $5 coupon code

150 points = $10 coupon code

200 points = $20 coupon code

400 points = $50 coupon code

Here’s how you redeem your points for a reward:

What else should you know?

Point values for different actions can be added, removed, or modified at any time.

Coupon codes can be used for product charges only.

Points for gift cards are only given to the purchaser.  Points are not accumulated when a gift card is spent.

Members cannot receive points for purchases made prior to enrollment.

Rewards points cannot be used for credits/refunds for previous purchases.

In-person and online classes are not eligible for rewards points.

Points are deducted from your account when a product is returned for a refund.

Points have no cash value, are non-transferable, and expire one year after earning.

Only one reward coupon code can be used per order.  Rewards codes are considered coupon codes and therefore cannot be used at the same time as another coupon/discount code.

The rewards code is only good for purchases made at

Coupon code can only be used once.  Any unused value from the code cannot be used towards a new order and will be forfeited.  **Example:  If your order totals $8, and you apply a $10 code to your order, you will not have a $2 value left on the coupon code.**

Points for product reviews can only be earned on products purchased at  Points earned by the account holder for products not shown in purchase history will be voided.

Only one rewards program membership per household.

Participants must enter their date of birth 1 month prior to their birthday in order to get birthday points.

Resin Obsession may terminate any rewards program membership if fraud is suspected.

Resin Obsession is not liable for points or rewards lost due to fraudulent or unauthorized use.

Accumulated points are not a participant’s property and may be revoked, canceled, limited, or modified at any time.

Resin Obsession employees and family members or people living in the same household as a Resin Obsession employee are not eligible to participate in the rewards program.

Resin Obsession reserves the right to modify the program rules as necessary.  Some changes may affect the value of the points or awards already accumulated and the right to certain awards. We will notify Resin Obsession rewards members of any such changes on this page. Be sure to check this page from time to time, as it will be the authoritative statement of the rules in effect at any time. Your continued participation in this program constitutes consent to any such changes.

Resin Obsession reserves the right to cancel the rewards program at any time.

By joining the Resin Obsession rewards program, members agree to receive communications from us regarding their participation in the program.

Updated August 31, 2021.


29 thoughts on “Resin Obsession rewards program

  1. I just signed up today for web account, and made a $100 purchase. Will this count or do I sign up somewhere else for rewards program? Also, are there emails that inform you of your points accrued?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenna, your rewards account is active. Yes, you will receive an email once monthly giving you a points balance update.

  2. Just started working with resin,combining it with my wood turning .I find your tutorials the best on utube and very informative.Looking forward to more tutorials. Mel

  3. fantastic service, always fast service, i shop because of the products and service what a great way to shop it has it all

  4. I cannot get any of “get your free guide to…..” on any of your tutorial web pages. I input my email address and it states if you don’t receive the email check your spam, which I do also but the article is not there. Help please.

  5. My order through resin obsession was handed with the attention of a little puppy and the questions I ask were answered with Einstein wisdom and knowledge.

    1. Oh my gosh, we have never had feedback like that. Thank you! (and we won’t share the puppy thing with the kitties. They get a jealous over things like that.)

  6. I didn’t think I would stay with Resin Obsession after my first couple of orders but I get the best customer service and if I have questions, and I’ve have plenty, Resin Obsession is so quick to help me and even sends me links to tutorialand articles. I did a 180 after getting to know Resin Obsession better.

    1. Thanks Loretta. We are thrilled to know we are playing a part with your resin success!

  7. I have not had time to do anything with my order yet, waiting for school to get out. I am excited to work on some stuff over the summer. I will let you know how things go.

  8. Do we only get notifications for rewards as they are earned? Because I signed up before, but whenever I search for my rewards, it just takes me back to this page. So I am not sure if following you on FB and IG gave me my points or if I entered my birthday (which I did all 3). Please and thank you 😊

    1. Hi Irish, you should see the number of points you have when you log into your account. If you can send us a message through contact us link, I’m happy to check on this for you.

        1. Hi Farah, all the information about the rewards program is included in the article. What else did you want to know?

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