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Transparent resin colors

transparent colors in resin Transparent resin colors Moving along with the resin experiments.... This week, I colored Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin with Castin' Craft transparent dyes.  It has been awhile since I had worked with these colors.  I had forgotten how thin the consistency of the colors were (much like using alcohol ink).  Note:  Like when casting the... Read more »

Resin pigments

mixing resin pigments Resin pigments I'm back in the studio and back to experiments this week.  This time, I cast Castin' Craft Easy Cast epoxy resin with the Alumilite resin pigments.  I mixed the resin, then divided it into 1 ounce mixing cups.  I then added a drop of each dye to the resin mix using a plastic pipette. No... Read more »

Coloring resin

colored resin in mixing cups Coloring resin I resumed the coloring resin experiments this week.  For this block, I started working with the Alumilite colorants and the Resin Obsession super clear resin.  I mixed a smidge over 1 ounce of the super clear resin (25 cc Part A and 12.5 cc Part B to be exact), then divided the resin... Read more »

Resin color pigment

add liquid pigment to resin

Resin Color pigment I am very fortunate to call Carmi Cimicata of the I Love Resin blog a friend and fellow resinista.  Carmi recently tried out the new Resin Obsession color pigments and shared results on her blog.  To say I was impressed and excited with what she made with the pigments is an understatement!  Here’s… Read more »

Casting resin in silicone putty molds

Casing Silicon Putty

Creating resin Legos with reusable silicone molds After my post last week about creating silicone putty molds to make Lego crayons, a few of you remarked that doing that was all well and good, but you wanted to see how well resin did in the molds. Okay.  Let’s do it. I mixed a batch of… Read more »

How we choose products to include on Resin Obsession

How We Choose Products

Experimenting with new resin products Some of the behind the scenes things that happen at Resin Obsession are the times I spend evaluating new products.  I consider many things, including how customers might want to use it, how easy it is to use, can we ship it to you efficiently and affordably, and the product… Read more »

Drying flower petals with parchment paper

Flower Petals on Parchment

How to dry flowers with parchment paper This article is Part 3 of a series.  Links to the first two articles are included in the post below. In my quest for knowledge about dried flowers and resin, one of the most common flower drying methods I kept reading about is to dry the flowers flat… Read more »

Drying flower petals

Flower Petals on Parchment

How to dry flowers with contact paper This article is part 2 of a series.  You can also read Part 1, using silica gel to dry flowers. I was intrigued by an article I read that suggested you could dry flowers after sticking them to contact paper.  The author claimed it made them easier to… Read more »

How to dry flowers using silica gel beads

drying flowers with silica gel beads

How to dry flowers for use in resin This is Part 1 of a series I decided for 2015, I would focus on learning more about the things I have been postponing.  One of those things is using dried flowers in resin.  Many of you have asked me about techniques and such, but I have… Read more »

How to get the most from your Resin Obsession purchase

shopping bag

How to make the most of your resin craft supplies purchase I love reading the notes from so many of you about how you are new to resin crafting and excited about what you can do with resin!  I’m writing this mostly to new resin crafters, but I would also ask that any of you… Read more »