Labor day giveaway

What could be more fun on a holiday weekend than a giveaway!  Let’s celebrate the first Friday of the month with your chance to win a $25 Resin Obsession gift certificate for resin supplies.  After writing my blog post this week on business productivity tools, I wondered what suggestions some of the Resin Obsession blog readers would have.  For your chance to win, answer the following question in the blog comment box below:

What is your favorite business productivity tool?

(and if you don’t have a business tool, a tool that helps you in your personal life will suffice)

Let me hear about it!

One blog comment per person. Contest begins Friday, September 4, 12:01 AM ET. Comments must be entered by Thursday, September 10, 11:59 PM ET. One winner will be chosen at random using  No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash. Winner is responsible for any taxes. Only residents of our available shipping countries are eligible.

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My favorite tool in business and in my personal life, is Post It notes, LOTS of Post It notes! They not only HELP with my productivity, I couldn’t function without them!

jan porter is my favorite. It is a taskmanager and it manages time spent on projects. it can help delagate duties to othersand it can communicate through gmail. Wonderful

Shelli N.

I don’t have a business. Being grateful and having a positive attitude are the best tools I use in my personal life. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

M Williams

My computer and access to the internet is my favorite tool. If I’m stuck and need help I can look it up on the internet. If I sort of have an idea and want to know if it would work, I can look it up on the internet. I would truly be lost without access to the internet.


A few years ago, we were using around the office. I loved it! It was so easy to keep track of who was doing what when, the status of all upcoming jobs, etc. I need to start using it more around the house!


I think the tool that helps me get through the day, is patience! I need lots of that since my job is being a mother of three boys. 🙂


Even though I use excel for my customer info and sales, I love using notebooks and journals for my daily “to do’s”, appointments and sketching jewelry designs. I’d be lost without my pen and paper! 😉


I recently discovered Picmonkey and agree that it is a useful picture editing suite. I appreciate that it’s web based and that you can utilize the sticker option to make pictures different shapes to coincide with possible molds.

April Koski

Well if I ever get the nerve to start selling my work to others I am sure my computer, phone and Internet connection will be my best friends. In the past I sold Scentsy and found that using Square was very helpful since they sent me a card reader for free and I was able to take credit cards right through my phone.


I would say my iPhone and my computer. I’m not much into technology, but the only way to get stuff out there I have my own web site to display my goodies (not as much what’s for sale, but look what I made). It’s as exciting as a car to a 16 year old with a car. Imagine what I can do if I had more time.

Jennifer Tolley

Google Everything. Google Keep is awesome for notes and reminders, Google Calendar too.


I have notebooks filled with sketches, color ideas, descriptive text, and many lists. I guess I’m old-fashioned that way. Also good for when I wake in the middle of the night and need to draw something before I forget it.


I would have to say my favorite business tool is Facebook… not for the reasons you would think! I use Facebook to show my family/friends my crafting work during the process, and before I post it onto my shop! That way I get a lot of great feedback (and sometimes some tips and help!!) All through the process. Not only is it a great learning tool but it helps me to figure out what I can do better or what is really working! (Can’t help that it sometimes draws in business too!!!) ^-^


If I had to pick just one tool, it would be the Internet. I can find most anything I need on the internet.

Jennifer Rosen

The best tool I use is popular web search for new and up and coming trends to get the most bang out of your buck, or to get the most profit out of your hard work! Not to mention watch your beautiful creations fly off the shelf!

Patti Parsons

Its gotta be my laptop. I use the internet to peruse sites like pinterest but all my notes are on my trusty laptop


Social Media is the best tool we use for our business.
Especially our facebook page. We use it to reach
customers near and far and are able to show them what
our shop offers. We get feedback on what they like and
don’t like and we get special orders from people who may not live close enough to come into our shop.


For me it got to be regular pen and paper (and an eraser of course!). These are pretty much all you need to simply get down all your ideas and go a long way with it.


My favorite business productivity tool is I am a technical writer and we use this website at work to track our projects and work as a team. It is great! I’ve realized it would be super helpful for my personal projects too!


Haha nothing beats just a pencil and blank pages in a book. Somehow, there’s just more feels and flow of ideas and inspirations for me. 🙂


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