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      Micheals has mini molds made by Celebrate it. I bought a couple, but the when the resin comes out the surface is cloudy. Like the mold is made from plastic. I checked their website, and it is a silicone mold.
      I’ve cleaned the molds in the dishwasher, and with rubbing alcohol, but my results are still the same. What’s happening??
      I’ve tried polishing the resin, but it isnt pretty. I havent tried repainting them with resin or a resin spray yet.
      Mostly I want to fix these molds so I dont have the same results. Can I coat them in 100% silicone?

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      Katherine Swift


      It sounds like these molds were made from non-shiny templates. Because of that, castings from that mold won’t be shiny either. If you want shiny castings, my best advice is to use the mold you have to make a set of castings. Finish the castings so they are shiny, then make a new mold (with silicone).

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      no, it’s not that the mold isn’t shiny. this just happened to some of my silicone molds. they were shiny, then suddenly they aren’t. when you look in the mold, it looks like residue almost, except you can’t clean it off. i tried with rubbing alcohol, then water thinking the alcohol was leaving a streak behind. i’m wondering if the heat of the resin is messing with the silicone? or something in the mix?

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      Katherine Swift
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