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    Hello, I’m currently experimenting with 2 materials
    Polyurethane resin – opaque white (Amazing cast) and alpha plaster(Pebeo resin plaster)
    I know it’s hazardous to work with this chemicals and my room is badly ventilated so I’m going to buy a mask for safety.

    I’m thinking of buying N95 particle mask, the disposable one. However, I will be working in very very tiny batch each time(like mixing for one keychain ) and I feel throwing away the mask each time is kinda waste of money. Is it okay to use a mask more than once if the mask is still in perfect condition?

    If I work in small amount of resin and plaster, is it safe to stay in my room after I finished working with them? I live in a student dorm so that’s where I do everything and spend most of my day!

    (Not really sure if I post this in the right forum…)

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    Just for extra notes: both of them has no fumes, usually cast and fully cured in 10 – 15 minutes. So the process I’m only worried about is mixing and sanding bit.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Ametie, the best advice I can give you is to familiarize yourself with the safety data sheets (SDS) of both resins. They will give you recommendations as to protective gear. We sell the Alumilite Amazing Casting resin. A copy of their SDS is here: https://www.alumilite.com/PDFs/SDS/resins/Amazing-Casting-Resin-White.pdf While I can’t speak for the Pebeo resin, I have worked with Alumilite Amazing Casting resin and not experienced any problems. It cures very quickly and I have never noticed any fumes. If your dorm room is small, you may want to consider having a fan on to circulate the air.

    On another note, a particle mask is not sufficient for protecting yourself against fumes. Particle masks are great for protecting yourself again resin dust, but they will not provide protection against fumes and vapors. You will need a different mask to protect yourself against those. (Personally, I do not wear a mask when using the Alumilite Amazing casting resin.) If you are careful in handling your particle mask, yes, you can use it again. I keep mine in a ziploc bag and once it seems like it is dirty, I throw it away and get another one.

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    Thank you very much, Katherine!

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