Flowers loose colour in resin

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      I have been attempting to put dried pressed flowers in resin molds for weeks now and only a select few have not lost their colour. I mix the resin correctly, pressed the flowers for 2-3 weeks and have even tried drying them in the microwave but they still loose their colour and turn yellow or brown. How can I fix this?

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      Katherine Swift

      We have a few articles that should help you:

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      Hi! I am also wondering the same. I have checked out throughout this website and scoured google and still looking for a good solution to retain my flowers’ color. I did order the resin sealer, but I find that it is hard to cost because the spray comes out with a lot of force/pressure? And the flowers blow everywhere? Especially the delicate, very light pressed ones.
      I also tried glue but it sounds strange to inject water back into a flower that was dried!
      Any tips on using a resin sealer in a gentle way?
      Thank you!

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