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    madeleine knobloch


    I am new to resin and have recently been creating abstract art with acrylic pours. Its alot of fun and am looking to experiment with resin! I have been doing alot of research and watching tutorials however I haven’t been able to get a clear answer on this. How do i do a resin pour with acrylic paint? Am i able to do so? Do you do the acrylic pour first and then pour the resin and go from there? Can you mix resin and acrylic paint together? Any recommendations on a good resin for pouring on stretched canvas?
    I REALLY appreciate any guidance and suggestions 🙂 TIA

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Madeleine,

    You can mix the acrylic paint and resin together for any and all layers. Use no more than 1 part paint to 10 parts mixed resin as the resin may cure soft or may not cure at all. You can use the same basic concepts as you do with acrylic pouring, but the results may not be the same. You could also do an acrylic pour, then cover with clear resin once dry.

    As for artwork resins, I would recommend these: The MasterCast is best for mixing with colors, whereas the TotalCast is best for clear coats.

    Good luck!

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