Will resin add weight?

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Anna:

    I am planning to do Pebeo resin mixed with vitrail glass paint application (it’s like a acrylic dirty flow application) to update my old acrylic top patio table. I’m curious if you think the epoxy will strengthen the table top, or simply add more weight and cause if to potentially crumble.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Anna,

    What a good question! The resin, regardless of brand, will definitely add weight. If you are worried the legs of the table cannot hold the extra weight, then I’m afraid resin isn’t a good choice here. I tend to think of resin in this situation as a decorative and/or protective coating, but unfortunately nothing that I would consider strengthening the table.

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    I’m not concerned for the legs as they are metal, but the acrylic top. It’s funny, I always thought the top was tempered glass. I’m wondering if the resin will seep into the acrylic and strengthen it.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hmm. I’m curious how this will work out. If it were glass, I wouldn’t be worried. Acrylic may bend.

    If you do this, would you mind letting us how it goes?

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    Anna Kim

    It totally worked, no sagging. I will try to include a link to a picture. I need to finish up the edges a little. http://pin.it/IeMz4D4

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    Katherine Swift

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the picture. Love it!!

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