Epoxy clay crystal heart pendant tutorial

epoxy crystal jewelry clay tutorial

How to make your own crystal embellished heart pendant with epoxy jewelry clay



crystal clay

Use a wooden stick or tongue depressor to scoop out equal parts of the Part A and Part B of the epoxy jewelry clay.

Hint:  The mixed clay will stick to your hands.  You should wear gloves when working with this product.





mixing jewelry clay

Blend the two parts of epoxy jewelry clay by rolling them between your fingers.  The color will look ‘striped’ at first.  Keep mixing until the color is evenly blended.  (This takes approximately 1 1/2 minutes.)





press epoxy jewelry clay

Press the mixed clay into the pendant.







press crystals

Gently place crystals into the surface of the clay.  Be careful to maintain the smooth surface while doing this step.  Any visible dents you leave in the surface will be there when the epoxy clay cures.




dusting with Pearl Ex powder

Use a soft bristled paint brush to lightly dust your bejeweled pendant with Pearl Ex powder.  A little powder goes a long way!

Hint:  Make sure your crystal surfaces are free of epoxy clay residue.  If there is any clay on the surface, not only will it stick to the crystals, but it will also pick up the Pearl Ex powder.  It will be difficult to remove this once it cures!




epoxy jewelry clay

After your pendant is completely covered with Pearl Ex powder, cover with a dome and allow to cure for 24 hours.






clean pendant

Once cured, use a soft cloth to wipe away the excess Pearl Ex powder pigment







crystal heart pendant tutorial

Enjoy your new jewelry!





epoxy clay tutorial




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I love the finish of pearl ex on the clay, its metallic but sooooo smooth and velvety! the sparkles just pop on it.


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