Resinista Becky Wanamaker

Becky Wanamaker

Land O Lakes, Florida based artist, Becky Wanamaker has loved art all her life. With a degree in Graphic Design, she worked for 20 plus years as a designer. Five of those years, she was an in-house designer for Walt Disney World and eventually opened her own design studio. In November 2014, Wanamaker was in a serious auto accident and two days later her home was robbed. The physical and emotional toll of those events led to her close her graphic design studio and take a job managing an office while she put her life back together.

About 10 months after the accident, Wanamaker’s creative spirit started to beckon. Hungry to create again, Wanamaker began experimenting with alcohol inks on Yupo paper, glass and metal. Her work was quickly accepted into a local gallery and she had sold all her first pieces. She then discovered fluid paints and resin. Wanamaker began to experiment with incorporating resin into her fluid painting and quickly found her niche. Today, she incorporates inks, acrylic and enamel paints, pigments, and resin to great paintings that are full of color, movement and depth. Words used to describe her work include soothing, energetic, colorful, fascinating and vibrant.

Completely self-taught, Wanamaker uses the term “fluid abstraction” to describe her work. Her paintings are created intuitively. She starts with a color palette and then allows the mediums and resin to dictate the ultimate outcome of a painting. She does not use paint brushes. Instead, she will pour, fling and sling her paints with her hands, kitchen utensils, chopsticks and other unconventional tools to create her paintings. Wanamaker also will incorporate unusual materials in her pieces. She will often “upcycle” discarded materials to use in her work. Most recently, she has begun using old vinyl LP records as her canvas for her paintings.

Wanamaker enjoys sharing her art with her twin sons, aged 12, and her 13 year old daughter. In addition to her creating art, Wanamaker continues to freelance as a graphic designer and branding expert. When she isn’t at a her children’s soccer or volleyball games, she enjoys attending Tampa Bay Rays games, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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  1. Thank you for the great article!!!
    Also you might add using NAIL POLISH paints-what I do in part of my Pendant creations. The resultant creates somewhat of a GLOB, but you can do a lot with it.

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