Adding something tiny to a resin piece

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      I was asked this at a craft fair recently…Could I add a personal name into the piece (she wanted “Dot” put in a piece she had already picked out. I have teeny letter stickers. If I put them on a pendant after it has dried, is there some way I can make it look/feel like it’s part of the piece? i told her we couldn’t (I was put on the spot), but I have been thinking about it ever since. A lot of women like to personalize their jewelry. Is there a way to do this? Would a rubber stamp with clear fingernail polish work? I would love some input!

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      Katherine Swift

      I would try this with a paint pen (don’t know if they make them that small or not). It should adhere to the resin without you needed to add another coat.

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      Lori, how about half filling the mould with resin, let it cure, then lay on the teeny letters and finish the resin pour to the top. Should make the letters appear in the middle of the shape. Jane

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