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      Tereze Gluck

      ive noticed that some bracelet molds are significantly more expensive than others – e.g., Alamould. I’ve had lots of problems with my cheap molds, and I’m wondering if an expensive mold will give me better results. I just get lots of imperfections and my bracelets aren’t as shiny as I’d like. I’ve tried the more expensive resins, like IceResin – so I’m wondering if the more costly mold will work better. But why is the same size mold $4 from one source and $55 from Alamould? What are the differences?

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      The clear silicone is more expensive than other silicones that’s why you will pay more. Be careful, many silicone mold makers use items bought to make molds. But these objects have defects which are therefore found on the mold and the castings. Prefer the mold makers who create the models themselves. You will have fewer defects on the molds (but you will still have it because it is handmade) but you will be sure to have a shiny mold.
      When a mold is made from a varnished or old object, the mold is never of good quality. A varnish never covers an object homogeneously and if this kind of object is used to make a mold, this will be seen on the molding.

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      Tereze Gluck

      Thank you Sophie! I am going to try one of the pricier molds and see if I get a better result! And thanks for the explanation. It makes sense!

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      Katherine Swift

      I agree with Sophie. Clear silicone is usually double the price of colored silicone.

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