Bendy cured resin…dangerous?


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      Jillian H.

      Hi, I ordered a pair of resin earrings from someone, and when I got them, they were soft and bendy, they kind of liked to stick to each other but were not innately sticky.

      I asked the owner if they were cured and I was told it was common among their thinner pieces. But that doesn’t answer my question. Are thin, bendy finished earrings safe to wear? Have they cured? Should I throw them away because they are toxic?

      Thank you. I’m very worried. I wanted to wear these.

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      Katherine Swift

      Some resins, we completely cured, can be flexible even if they are thin. I have worn earrings like this as long as they were not sticky.

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      Jillian H.

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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