Best Resin for Sun and Heat exposure

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      I’m wondering what resin works best for higher heat? What I’m looking to make will mainly be used outside and in sunlight. I don’t want to warp or to bend.

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      Katherine Swift

      I’m afraid most resins won’t handle that type of exposure.

      What do you want to do?

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      Is there something you can coat the resin with to make it heat resistant. Looking to make drink coasters that can handle hot drinks as well as cold.

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        Katherine Swift

        Unfortunately, there isn’t a coating that can make them heat resistant. You will need to use something like a hard curing polyester or polyurethane resin.

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      Rhonda J Hunter

      Katherine, is there a particular polyester/polyurethane product that you would recommend for this use?
      I want to make coasters for gifts, and I am certain someone will put a hot cup on it, in spite of cautions not to use this way. Resin with not very short pot time (30 minutes or 60?) if possible.
      Using the fish coasters for our ministers, with a 1″ x 1/2″ natural wood cross inclusion. The crosses are already sealed, but I’ve been dithering about which resin to buy. Any recommendations gratefully accepted.

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Rhonda,

        For what you want to do, I suggest getting in contact with Alumilite ( . They have several clear polyurethanes that could work for what you want to do. We don’t sell them because they have a short shelf life.

        Please let them know we referred you.


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      Emily Luvera

      I am looking for a resin suitable for casting small planters that will be used outdoors. Any specific brand recommendations?

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