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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Sara:

       I teach a high school jewelry class in Provo Utah. We have been using Easy Cast Epoxy to fill belt buckle blanks with found objects and it has been working well.  When I have seen belt buckle blanks for sale on line and at farmers markets filled with epoxy they often feel and/or look harder.  Its not that ours arent curing dont get me wrong they are hard (no mush or soft spots) but when I ware one consistently I have noticed that it does scratch and sometimes if you press your thumbnail into it (with conviction) you can see a slight impression.  I have added a coat of spray paint and it smoothes out, but it begs the question is there something better? Will the polyresin set harder and be more durable?  There is a lot of information out there from hobby crafters, I have tried to sift through youtube videos & blogs but there is a lot of info.  Some are saying use boat resin, some are saying fiberglass, I think that I need a professionals opinion.  Any assistance would be great in helping my students further their love for resin crafts.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sara,

      What you’re experiencing with Easy Cast resin I would say is pretty typical.  Even when it cures fully, it is softer than when compared to other resins.  The polyester resin will cure harder, but it’s not a good choice for what you’re doing for two reasons:

      1.  The surface exposed to air remains tacky.  That would mean your entire bezel surface would be sticky to the touch.

      2.  The smell is horrible.  It’s not something I like to work with without using a NIOSH respirator for fumes.

      Since you’re using it with students, an epoxy resin is best.  Two that we sell that I recommend trying are the

      Resin Obsession crystal doming resin — good for bezels and coatings:
      Resin Obsession super clear resin — good for molds:

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