Bezel Material?

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      Laura Plant

      I am brand new to this, doing much research and purchasing supplies. I mainly come across jewelry bezels that are made of basic alloys and/or are plated with silver, gold, etc. Like any other jewelry won’t these fade/tarnish? It seems there aren’t many real silver, gold or even stainless steel bezels, but I would think there wouldn’t be much point in selling a beautiful, timeless resin piece if the metal is going to fade/rust/tarnish. Are most sellers just selling pieces that will only last a short time and not worrying about long-term quality? Thoughts?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Laura,

      I’ve never seen stainless steel bezels, but you can get sterling silver and gold bezels.

      Plan on paying a lot more, which means you’ll need to sell your jewelry for a lot more. It’s not impossible, but definitely takes work.

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