Can I “invisibly” cast resin in resin?

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      I casted some small figures (made of some kind of metal :D) in clear resin and wanted to place them centered, but they sunk completely to the bottom. I was thinking of casting a layer of clear resin in the same mold I used before, let that cure completely and then “glue” the two pieces together using clear resin again (again in the same mold, just placing the piece with the figure on top). Is it possible to do such a thing or will the “seam” be visible? I don’t mind air bubbles (there already are a few around the figure), but a visible edge would kind of ruin the piece.

      Would you guys recommend doing that or just stick to the result rather than trying something that might destroy it?

      Cheers and thanks in advance!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Yumi,

      If you cast in layers, wait until the previous layer is in the gel phase before applying the next layer. That will minimize your lines between layers. This article explains more:

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