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      Sally Sapp

      I am wanting to make small, clear, colored tiles from resin. Each tile will have its own texture or design. If you have ever seen glass intaglio, it would look similar to that. I know there are many molds you can buy but I am wondering if I could carve my design in Sculpy like clay, bake it and use the finished piece to pour my resin into as a mold. Will the resin come off the clay? I know about the rubber mold making compounds but the Sculpy stays soft longer so I can etch my design into the clay and easily rub out and start over if I mess up without wasting product. I am new to resin so even the most basic info. Is appreciated. Thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sally, unfortunately, resin adheres well to clay. It will not release your cured resin.

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