Clean up tacky resin that won’t cure

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      So Ive been making some resin jewelry. Everything has been fine until today. I mixed my epoxy resin with the hardener like I always do, but for some reason my resin will not cure. Ive accepted that my batch is never going to cure. Now I am wondering how I can possibly get the gooey, tacky resin out on my mold. I would love any suggestions/ help to save my mold.

      Also is there any way to save the dried flower I put in the resin? Can I possibly use them again?


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      Katherine Swift


      Silicone or plastic?

      If its plastic, you could try freezing the mess and see if you can then pop it out of the mold.  If its a silicone mold, its probably toast.

      I dont know of an easy way to get the flower out of the mold.  You could maybe try sanding it down (depending on how gooey it is) leaving a margin on all sides.  Get it shiny again, they cast it as a finding into your next resin casting.

      Good luck!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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