Cleaning the towel used as surface protection

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      Taylor C

      So, when I cast resin in my room (I rent a room in a shared space so I do not have anywhere else to do it), I protect the floor with an old old towel. Well over times of spilling bits of resin on it and laying tools on it after using them, it smells like resin fumes. How do I clean the towel? I assume I can’t just throw it in the washer anymore. But it’s kind of making me paranoid bc every once in awhile I’ll catch a whiff of resin and it makes me think there’s still active fumes around even though the towel is folded up in a plastic bin.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Taylor,

      Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to clean the towel.

      Instead, you can use a plastic dropcloth as you would use for painting. Resin peel off of that once cured.

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