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      Emilia Makhota

      I am currently trying out resin shakers, where you assemble two bases and a “rim,” fill it with glitter, small items, etc.
      For the top layer, I prefer to have it clear so that you can see what is inside. I recently ordered two different shaker molds to try them out, and I had the chance to last weekend. One casting from one mold turned out surprisingly clear, never in all of my resin experience has a casting come out of a silicone mold completely clear, the parts touching the silicone are almost always clouded over.
      However, a casting in the other shaker mold came out with the cloudy side that I mentioned above. I also tried using a scrap piece of molded plastic for a casting, and, since I was paranoid that the resin wouldn’t come out, slathered it in my mold release (petroleum jelly), and I think I did a bit too much, as you can clearly see the brushstrokes on the finished piece.
      I was wondering what might be causing this problem. I’m thinking that this may be caused by the mold material, or my “mold release.”
      If you have had any experience with anything similar, or have an answers/ideas, please tell me! I’m so lost!
      If needed, I can attach some pictures, too.
      Thank you so much!

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      Katherine Swift

      If that mold release wasn’t dry, that could cause a cloudy surface.

      Did you warm your resin before using it? Cold resin can sometimes cure cloudy too.

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      Judy presley

      I’ve read that the mold itself must be shiney inside-if it’s matt instead of shiney it will cause the piece to be dull❤️

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      Katherine Swift
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