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      Hi- I am very new to resin and tried epoxy resin for the first time over the weekend. This may be a very stupid question- so be prepared! I made a coaster in a red sponge cake mold. Instead of the coaster turning out clear/transparent with the vibrant colors of the alcohol ink showing through, it was dark when I de molded it. I had followed the instructions to the letter with regards to how much ink and what colors, but the only difference was the mold in the video was white/clear. Would that make a difference or is it just that my alcohol ink was inferior? Thanks so much, Debra

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Debra,

      The color of the mold shouldn’t impact your castings in a project like this. It sounds like it’s related to the inks you used. Alcohol inks that aren’t designed for resin can lose their color or turn muddy.

      We have alcohol inks specially designed for resin in our store here:

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