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      Evelyn Patterson

      Hello there,
      Would it be possible to have a standard dice mold (d4-d20) with a specific logo on the highest numerals commissioned?
      About how much would that cost?

      Thank you so much!


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      Andrew Sandoval

      I would like some custom dice molds made and replacing the highest number on the dice with my logo. I would need a set of 7 dice for Dungeons and Dragons

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      Kristiane Spires

      Hi there. Are you looking to get molds made with this custom logo, or more specifically dice with your logo?

      Does the logo need to be engraved, or can it be, say, a transfer encased in the resin?

      Kristiane Spires

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      Patrick D.

      Hi Kristiane,

      I actually would love to know the answer to your first point: having a mold with my own custom symbol/insignia logo.

      Apologies, if I should’ve opened a new thread, just because I noted you point to the exact query I have.

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