Do essential oils break down resin?

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Stacy:

    Looking for opinions on resin pendants with a slit/hole and putting a felt pad in it with essential oils on it to have a diffuser neckless. Would the essential oils brake down the resin?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Stacy,

    Great question! I would expect them to be impermeable right away, but I don’t know long term. Let me see if I can poll my panel of experts for help.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Stacy,

    Both the chemists I spoke with have not tested using essential oils in resin, but expect that it should not permeate a cured resin surface.

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    Rhonda J Hunter

    I have earrings made like this from Avon, many years old, mostly resin, and they are still like new. (can’t get the little diffuser pads any more):(

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    I have tried to use the essential oils with the resin, and it makes the resin very stick, and does not harden correctly. I’m thinking on trying to use a blank piece of air freshener paper on the back of the item, to see how that works. I guess I’ll try and use an adhesive to adhere the card to the resin. What do you think?

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    This is to Mary, if you use oils in UV resin, and it comes out sticky with the oils, cure it both with a UV light AND the sunlight. Do one for 5 then the other for 5, this should help with stickiness.

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