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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Devin:

      We’re trying to solve two separate problems at the museum I work for and are wondering if resin could be the answer. Do any of the optically clear resins that do not off-gas toxic fumes adhere to sheets of acrylic?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Devin,

      In a short answer, yes. Any two part clear epoxy resin should work for your purpose. There are a couple of caveats though.

      If the acrylic is flexible enough, it may cause the resin to crack or pop off. If I were doing to do this, I wouldn’t want the acrylic to be able to move.

      If the acrylic is thin, the heat from the resin curing may cause it to warp depending on how much you use.

      Does this help at all?

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      Loyyd Zunza

      I want to make 3D letters using perspex can i use clear fibreglass resin ?

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      virgilio merina

      What type of acrylic paint can I use on super clear epoxy resin? I tried the acrylics (in tubes) available at Walmart but it won’t adhere to the resin…..any suggestions? If there is any, please name the brand and I’ll find it in any ART STORE in my area.. Thank you and May God Bless you and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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      Brooke Johnson

      What glue would you use to adhere resin to acrylic. I would sand both surfaces first of course.

      I’ve tried E6000 I let dry for 3 days and was still able to pull resin from acrylic.
      Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic seems to work but is very liquid when applying, and you have little working time.

      Any other glues you suggest?

      Thanks so much.

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Brooke,

        Why don’t you try mixing some two-part resin, then using that as a glue?

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