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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Leo:

      I am making a dining wood/polished concrete table which will have a resin finish. My question is whether there is a grade of finish in resin like paint ie can it go from a matt finish semi gloss low sheen or is it all that high gloss mirror effect?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Leo,

      Resin poured onto a flat surface will always give a glossy finish assuming it is mixed properly. If you want something either than the gloss finish, you can go over the surface with wet/dry sandpaper. Something in the 400 to 600 grit range will give it a matte finish, while 800 to 1000 grit will give it a satin finish. I would suggest testing a few pieces with sandpaper first to see what you like.

      Good luck!

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        Thank you. I will play and see how it turns out.

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