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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes through email by Kelly:

    I have a sorta off topic question about resin. I cant seem to get anyone to at least answer me so, my husband was trying to embed an object into basically a resin ball. The object has a metal pole coming off of basically imagine a metal rod with a pool ball at the end but not has big. He ended up pouring the resin and letting set in a glass candle holder that had the shape he wanted. Im afraid I would have to tell hi, he will have to break the glass. Any answers would really help.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Kelly,

    Sadly, your husband is going to have to break the glass.  Im also concerned the glass isnt going to come off very neatly, meaning he will have to sand or grind off additional glass pieces.

    I would be interested in knowing how things turn out.  Please share what happens!

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    melanie johnson

    I need a certain mold shape that i can only fined in a glass candle holder. Is there a specific relese agent to use if you are using glass as a mold and wwant the resin to be able to be removed?

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      Katherine Swift

      Unfortunately, glass does not work as a resin mold. The mold needs to be flexible to release the resin.

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        Hi Katherine,
        I need to get a fine smooth surface of epoxy by just pouring it onto glass surface. How can I release epoxy from glass in this case?
        Thank you in advance.

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          Katherine Swift

          Glass does not work as a resin mold. The mold needs to be flexible to release the resin.

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    I’ve been interested in making a ship in a bottle except I would fill it with resin once everything’s in place. If I used a glass bottle (I have a bunch of glass Cheerwine bottles) then broke the glass bottle once the resin was set, do you think it would turn out okay? Or would it just break the resin as well?

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      Katherine Swift

      No, I’m afraid it would not turn out okay. Resin sticks to glass quite well. Both will break.

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    carmela CARDINALE

    Hi Katherine, just discovered you , love your projects, I’m a simple mom that wants to give a gift to my daughter preserving her wedding bouquet flowers, i have crazy ideas, like making her an ensemble for her dining table, that consists in glass pillar candle holders filled with the flowers embedded in the resin, to be the base of led candles and a center piece circular or oval made with resin with the flowers in, mounted on a glass vase that has the shape of a footed compote cup this will act as a base only,the center piece will be removable from the vase, my question is if i use the glass pillar filled with the flowers and the resin can i live them that way without breaking the glass?? I know this is to long but I’ve looked everywhere but everybody wants to brake the glass i ask why? if i get the effect i want that is preserving the flowers? can i live it that way?
    Thank you so much for your attention, and greatly will appreciate your advise, love

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Carmela, resin sticks very well to glass (think glue). Since the glass isn’t flexible, there isn’t a way to flex the glass to get a casting out.

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    I’ve ran into a similar circumstance. Put it in the freezer or use the plumbers trick for freezing pipes – Strap a dish sponge to the mold somehow (Zip-ties?), turn a can of compressed air upside down and insert the nozzle-straw into the area between the sponge and the mold and release some of the contents of the can. Again, make sure the can is upside down. Wear gloves and safety gear. I have to make castings in stiff materials. Metals, glass… etc. This trick works for me consistently. USE SAFETY GLASSES AND GLOVES. Do it outdoors as the anti-huffing compound stinks.

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    Love your website and thank you for sharing all the information you have. My question is some what the opposite. I can not find information on this, so I was wondering I have a miniature glass vase and I want to copy it. Will this work well with clear silicone mold and/or regular silicone mold. I would like to use UV resin that is why I mentioned clear silicone, but if not regular silicone is fine for regular resin.

    Thank you so much,


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Donna,

      I’m not clear on what you want to make. Do you want to make a vase mold that is open in the center (to keep flowers) or something solid (non open center)?

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