Heat tolerance of resin coasters

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Evawn:

      I am in the process of making coasters (on glass if it makes a difference) as gifts using original artwork. I will seal them with glue first but, may question is this. I saw in your tutorial to use the Eli-Chem but it has a heat tolerance of appx 120 degrees. I’m not sure this is sufficient for say a cup of coffee or tea. What resin do you recommend for this?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Evawn,

      In general, coasters made from epoxy resin can handle the heat of a warm mug, but can’t handle one that is directly from the microwave. If you want a resin that is more heat tolerant, I would recommend using a polyester resin. We have one in our shop here: https://shop.resinobsession.com/collections/resin/products/castin-craft-polyester-resin-16-oz The problem in this situation is that polyester resin is not a doming resin and will not self-level to make a nice coating on your glass.

      Have you considered putting your artwork behind the glass? That way, you could still use a resin to seal it, but don’t have to worry about the heat of the mug.

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      Under the glass … excellent solution, Katherine, thank you! Do I simply place the glass over freshly poured resin?

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      Katherine Swift

      I would flip the glass over, put your artwork on ‘backwards’, then use the resin.

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      Many thanks for the assist!

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      Do you sell a nano liquid glass product, it is a coating. I hand paint on glazed ceramic and also need a heat-resistant coating. Do you or could you sell such a product I think the base is silicon dioxide.

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      Mary Ann Stanford-Terrien

      Can you mix different brands of resin? I have one that is heat resistant up to 400 degrees…but it isn’t a casting resin. Can I cast a coaster in your resin and when cured top it off with a 1/8 inch of the countertop resin that is heat proof?

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      Sharpudin shaikh

      Sir I producing a metal bonded sheet,so which resin should buy from you. I must be waterproof and flameproof. For this component metal powder will also be used

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        Katherine Swift

        I’m afraid that’s outside of the scope of the resins we sell.

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      I bought polyester resin and epoxy laminate. Im going through so many different resins and they just dont seem to be setting smooth.
      Ive done everything perfectly.
      I poured polyester resin over the coaster and its starting to look better than it was. Is this resin heat resistant?
      Thank you 🙂

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      Hi, I’ve seen people coat the inside of bongs with art resin which is a resin without VOC’s and is safe enough to eat on when fully cured. I wanted to know when fully cured is it ok to coat the inside of a device someone would smoke out of?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Ebony, I would not use resin in a situation like this.

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      Geetayani khanna

      Which is a heat resistant resin and a clear resin. I’ve tried making coasters they are ok to touch but leaves a ring and also sticks to the hot coffee glass when i put on it!

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Geetaynai,

        I’m afraid this is the case with resin.

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      Saif Syman

      Hi Katherine,

      I am just curious what is the heat tolerance of UV resin, is it the same? Do you have any in the store?

      Thank you

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Saif,

        I’m afraid we don’t sell UV resin.

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