Help, I made every mistake

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      I thought the resin kit looked cool at my local Michael’s craft store so I bought it on impulse with some dyes. When I opened the dyes, it said they were combustable which freaked me out (pretty sure it didn’t warn me on the outside of the package) and the safety regulations in the instructions for the resin freaked me out some more. Still, because I read them, I didn’t think I had to do any further research. So I ended up filling my molds on the kitchen table without a mask, thankfully wearing rubber gloves (and thinking normal glasses would stand in for safety glasses), with only a small flimsy paper plate under my cup and molds and no open window. I also leaned over the resin as I became more focussed and could definitly smell something.

      After I was done, my mom cleaned out the cups with alchohol as the instructions stated… and poured what residue was left in the cups down the bathroom sink. It didn’t look like anything spilled on the table, but I wiped it down anyway. Those rags also went in the sink (and again thankfully were later thrown away).

      Reading the safety regulations here (because I decided I needed to be more prepared next time), I consider this first experience a disaster and am currently having a bit of a panic attack because A, I’m worried I exposed myself and my family to cancer causing chemicals (my mom even got ink on her bare hand when cleaning up) and B, that animals and people are going to get sick because it wasn’t disposed of properly.

      I don’t want to get cancer. I swear I’ll never use this stuff again, I just want to know how likely it is we’ll recover from whatever damage was done. I’ve had maybe one headache once but no other noticeable symptoms.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Concerned,

      I’m sorry to read the anxiety in your message. We have some safety articles here that will give you more information:

      In the meantime, if you are worried about your health, you should see a healthcare provider to discuss what happened and your symptoms.

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